Anne Savedge Artist Photographer


         I have been photographing dancers in Richmond Metro Area, beginning with belly dancers, for a number of years. Capturing the excitement, movement and color of the performance, has been my goal.
      Some of the dance images came about from trips to places like China, New Zealand and Australia. Images of ethnic dancing have also come from the Richmond Folk Festival and performances throughout the state.
       Photographing modern dancers and aerial acrobats, who move in very different ways from ethnic or belly dancers, has been an interesting experience. They are not vibrant in color, but emphasize the feeling of the movement. The different body positions that these performers can attain are fascinating to me.
      There are many more types of movement and dancing that I have yet to explore, and I look forward to what I will discover in the future.






Belly Dancers


Contemporary Dancers

Ethnic Dancers

Ravia's Eyes