Anne Savedge Artist Photographer


          As a young girl growing up, I was fascinated by Westerns and admired Annie Oakley, with whom I shared a name. Dressing up in cowgirl clothes, along with my sisters and neighbors, running around the yard and shooting with a play pistol, occupied many of my summer days. It was a fantasy for a young child that is lived today by a group of people who belong to an organization called the Single Action Shooting Society, or SASS.
        SASS members choose a western persona, dress accordingly and attend various shooting events. At these events, a scenario is followed; they say a phrase, which starts the timer, and shoot at targets, using pistols, shotguns and rifles. The most accurate marksman with the shortest time wins. There are elaborate trappings, carts to transport guns, ammunition and other accoutrements.
         For the past few years, with my hat, sunglasses and earplugs in place, I have been photographing some of the Richmond area SASS events. My favorite events are the black powder shoots, when sometimes the guns actually shoot fire. I am also interested in documenting the cowgirls, who are every bit as dedicated as the cowboys. SASS members have been most helpful in finding me the best vantage point to get the best photos. They are living their dream of being cowboys/cowgirls in the modern era.





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